What We Do

All of the phones for sale here are 100% original vintage telephones.

TouchTone Phones:

  • Clean keypad contacts and tune keypad.
  • Add polarity guard

Rotary Dial Phones:

  • Clean dial contacts
  • Clean and lubricate gears
  • Calibrate speed
  • Add a new number card to the finger wheel

All Phones:

  • Disassemble phone to clean and buff plastics
  • Update wiring
  • Full inspection to find any faults or marginal components
  • Full function testing
  • Replace handset cord
  • Add modular cord so the phone will be ready to plug in and use with no further adapting or wiring needed.

I'm sure you've noticed that the older plastic gets, the more discolored they get with age. This is mostly a function of exposure to light. Light colored plastics show it the most. If a telephone has perfect original color, then I buff out all the plastic parts to look like new with no scratches, cracks, etc.
If the plastic is discolored with age, I have them painted to an exact match of the original color. I have this done at a professional paint shop using the same materials and methods the phone company used.